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TETRA Trunked Digital Radio System
Product Name
TETRRA portable table

The MTP6000 series TETRA radios provide you with a platform.


Collect and share key information. MTP6750 radio provides data applications, supports faster data transmission, and uses TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS) to increase speed-providing up to 20 times the data connection speed.


The color display makes the MTP6000 an ideal solution for users to enrich content and watch content including multi-line text. The high-resolution display can also easily view detailed images and enhance the mobile application experience and

Visual content. Safe dispatching and consulting services are important to every second in emergency situations. The successful result is to mobilize the greatest strength; the MTP6000 radio has been carefully designed to provide excellent performance. Rugged and reliable, to the harshest conditions-even after being immersed in water for operation. These functions are essential.



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